Sliding slam latch strike 

Patent No. 7,128,350

Issued: October 31, 2006
Filed: August 14, 2003

Inventors: Eckerdt; George H. (Victor, NY)
Assignee: Key Systems, Inc. (Fishers, NY) 

This disengageable strike has a strike annexed to a strike member that is slideably mounted to a strike base. The strike member and strike base are, in turn, mounted to a door frame or door opposite a slam latch. In a first position, the strike engages the latch to prevent the door from opening. An electrically disengageable inhibitor prevents manual movement of the sliding strike from the first position. However, when the inhibitor is disengaged, the strike can be manually moved/slid using an actuator (in the form of a handle annexed to the strike member) to a second position where it does not engage the latch to prevent the door from opening. A biasing spring biasing the strike and strike member towards the first position helps to return it to the first position after the actuator is released. Further, one portion of a sensor for a signal generator is mounted to the strike member such that it is opposite the other portion in the door or frame only when the strike is in the first position. Thus, the signal generator will indicate the door is close only when the door is closed and the strike has been returned to the first position.


This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/458,020, filed on 28 Mar. 2003, which provisional application is incorporated by reference herein.

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