Device for collecting statistical data for maintenance of small-arms

Patent No. 7,100,437 and 7,143,655 (CIP)

Issued: September 5, 2006 - December 5, 2006
Filed: November 24, 2003 - November 29, 2004

Inventors: Johnson; Eric Arthur (Greene, NY), Kulesza; Joseph Duane (Binghamton, NY); also VanEvery, Eric (Lansing, NY) (in CIP only)
Assignee: Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. (Lansing, NY) 

A system and method for collecting data on small-arms usage in the form of a device which is mounted to the firearm so as to be able to sense at least an impulse in the firearm due to firing. The device is mounted to the gun so as to detect impulses due to firing. A processor accepts impulse signals from the sensor, and uses either a hold-off delay or a windowing time to determine and store information related to the firing of the firearm. This information may be any combination of temperature, firing rate, firing intervals and time data for subsequent analysis, and, optionally, information identifying the weapon to which the device is attached. The device preferably has an interface to transfer data from the device to a computer or other data collection device.

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