Link plate for a silent chain

Patent No. 7,048,664

Issued: May 23, 2006
Filed: August 14, 2002
Priority: Aug 23, 2001 [Japan]

Inventor: Kotera; Tetsuji (Nabari, JP)
Assignee: BorgWarner Morse TEC Japan K.K. (Nabari, JP) 

A link plate for silent chains includes a pair of teeth, each formed of an inside flank and an outside flank and a pair of pin apertures. A moment of force around a pin M=F x.Lo, where F is a force applied by a sprocket tooth against the outside flank, and Lo is a length of a perpendicular drawn from a center O of a pin aperture to an action line of the force, is decreased by decreasing Lo. The link plate engages a sprocket tooth on an intersection between a straight line n and a flank, line n and the direction of a central line connecting each O forming a pressure angle .alpha., and contacting a circle having a center O and a radius r<0.25 x.P, where P is a pin aperture pitch. Also, .alpha. of the outside flank satisfies an inequality,<=.alpha.<, to lessen the force.

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