Blade-type chain tensioner system

Patent No. 7,014,585

Issued: March 21, 2006
Filed: December 12, 2002
Foreign Priority: December 28, 2001 (Japan)

Inventors: Horikawa, Yasuo; Okazaki, Toru; Mitsuhashi, Hiroyoshi
Assignee: BorgWarner Morse TEC Japan K.K

The present invention provides a blade-type tensioner system for a chain that can easily improve spring properties. A blade-type tensioner includes a blade shoe and a blade spring positioned on the back side of chain sliding surface of the blade shoe so as to impart tension to a chain through the blade shoe. The blade shoe is pivotably supported around a shoulder bolt inserted into a proximal end portion of the blade shoe, and a distal end portion of the blade shoe is slidably supported on a supporting face provided in the engine. The distal end portion of the blade shoe contacts a flat, first supporting face at a point. When tension in the chain is increased, the distal end portion contacts a concave, second supporting face at a point which is continuous with the first supporting face.

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