Shaft extractor

Patent No. 7,000,299

Issued: February 21, 2006
Filed: January 9, 2003

Inventor: Samchisen; Edward J. (959 Lattabrook Rd., Lowman, NY 14861)

A shaft extractor for removing a golf club head from a golf club shaft without causing side-loading to occur comprising: a central body piece having two split screw portions threaded in opposite directions, at opposite sides of a split central hex nut section. The threaded screw portions receive a pair of end split hex nuts, each threaded to fit on one of the oppositely-threaded screw sections of the central body, such that when the central nut is rotated with the end nuts held against rotation, the end nuts move outward or inward together. The split in the central body piece of the shaft extractor forms a central cavity for receiving the golf club shaft. An extractor wrench is used to hold the end nuts against rotation.

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