Semiconductor laser based on the effect of photonic band gap crystal-mediated filtration of higher modes of laser radiation and method of making same

Patent No. 6,996,148

Issued: February 7, 2006
Filed: April 28, 2004

Inventors: Shchukin; Vitaly (Berlin, DE); Ledentsov; Nikolai (Berlin, DE)
Assignee: PBC Lasers Ltd. (IL)

A semiconductor laser having a low beam divergence is disclosed. The laser includes at least one waveguide comprising an active layer generating an optical gain by injection of a current, a photonic band gap crystal having the refractive index modulation in the direction perpendicular to the propagation of the emitted light, and at least one defect. The active layer is preferably placed within the defect. The photonic band gap crystal and the defect are optimized such that the fundamental mode of laser radiation is localized at the defect and decays away from the defect, while the other optical modes are extended over the photonic band gap crystal. Localization of the fundamental mode at the defect results in the relative enhancement of the amplitude of the mode with respect to the other modes. Therefore, there is a larger confinement factor of the fundamental mode as compared to the confinement factor of the other modes. This enables efficient single-mode lasing from the laser having an extended waveguide.


This is a divisional patent application of application Ser. No. 09/946,016, filed Sep. 4, 2001, now U.S. Pat. No. 6,804,280 entitled "A SEMICONDUCTOR LASER BASED ON THE EFFECT OF PHOTONIC BAND GAP CRYSTAL-MEDIATED FILTRATION OF HIGHER MODES OF LASER RADIATION AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME", The aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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