Packaging of solid state devices 

Patent No. 6,982,482

Issued: January 3, 2006
Filed: February 24, 2004

Inventors: Glidden; Steven C. (Freeville, NY); Sanders; Howard D. (Ithaca, NY)
Assignee: Applied Pulsed Power, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)

A package for one or more solid state devices in a single module that allows for operation at high voltage, high current, or both high voltage and high current. Low thermal resistance between the solid state devices and an exterior of the package and matched coefficient of thermal expansion between the solid state devices and the materials used in packaging enables high power operation. The solid state devices are soldered between two layers of ceramic with metal traces that interconnect the devices and external contacts. This approach provides a simple method for assembling and encapsulating high power solid state devices.


This invention was made with Government support under Grant No. DE-FG02-00ER82948, awarded by the Department of Energy. The government has certain rights in the invention.

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