Driveway gutter having flexible filler mat

Patent No. 6,979,145

Issued: December 27, 2005
Filed: July 12, 2005

Inventor: Kozlowski; Michael (401 Pleasant Ave., North Syracuse, NY 13212)

An improved driveway gutter having a flexible gutter mat bridging the trough in the gutter for improving driving over driveway gutters. The mat is made of flexible material such as heavy rubber. The mat is placed with its flat bottom bridging the gutter, and fastened down by bolts in recessed holes in the mat. Because the mat is flexible, when a car drives over the mat it is forced down to conform with the gutter, and the top of the mat smoothes out the gutter for the car. When the weight is removed the mat springs back into shape bridging the gutter, so that the passage of water is not impeded. The fastening holes are deep enough that the fasteners do not protrude above the surface of the mat when it is deformed by a tire crossing the mat.


This is a continuation-in-part patent application of copending application Ser. No. 10/630,653, filed Jul. 30, 2003, entitled "APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DRIVEWAY GUTTER". The aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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