Missing link/part detector employing scanning engine

Patent No. 6,883,711

Issued: April 26, 2005
Filed: August 17, 2001

Inventor: Patton, Mark E. (Dryden, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc (Auburn Hills, MI)

A bar code reader missing link detection system for detection of missing, defective or misaligned chain links in assembled or in-process chains includes a light source for illuminating one or more chain links of a chain, a light sensitive diode array for detecting an image of a fixed scan line, produced by the light source, and a lens system for focusing incoming light produced by the light source onto the diode array, wherein the system is arranged such that the bar code reader reflects light from one or more of the chain links onto the diode array, and the diode array is continuously scanned, digitized, and the data obtained thereby interpreted to detect missing chain links.

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