Hydraulic tensioner with ratchet mechanism

Patent No. 6,878,082

Inventors: Seungpyo; Shin (Nabari, JP)
Assignee: BorgWarner Morse TEC Japan K.K. (Nabari, JP)

Issued: April 12, 2005
Filed: December 16, 2002
Priority: December 28, 2001 (Japan)

A hydraulic tensioner that applies tension to a chain is comprised of a hollow plunger slidably received in a bore of the housing having an inner space defining a fluid chamber with the bore and a rack member provided slidably in an axial direction in a groove on the outer circumference of the plunger. The hydraulic tensioner further comprises a spring biasing the plunger in a protruding direction, a ratchet member provided slidably in a ratchet hole extending in an inclined direction intersecting an axis of the plunger having cylindrical head portion with an outer circumferential edge portion adapted to engage rack teeth of the rack member, permitting travel of the plunger in a protruding direction but preventing retraction of the plunger in a backward direction, and a coil spring that biases the ratchet member in an engaging direction of the rack teeth.

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