Programmed loading of dispenser with supply of dispensable objects 

Patent No. 6,850,815

Issued: February 1, 2005
Filed: December 5, 2003

Inventors: Veenstra; John H. (Pittsford, NY)
Assignee: PJ Solutions, Inc. (Fairport, NY)

Dispensable objects are loaded into a portable case for transport to a dispensing site by connecting a reload controller with a case to be reloaded. Latchable and unlatchable object retainers arrayed in the case are relatched, and the reload controller is activated to respond to a reloading request to unlatch some of the retainers in locations suitable for receiving reloaded objects. A person then reloads the chosen objects in the array locations opened up by the unlatched retainers and relatches those retainers. The controller then acts upon another reloading request to unlatch more retainers in locations suitable for receiving additionally loaded objects, as the loading sequence repeats.

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