Inventors: Quinn, Jr.; Stanley B. (Elmhurst, IL)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

Control method for achieving expected VCT actuation rate using set point rate limiter 

Patent No. 6,810,843

Issued: November 2, 2004
Filed: November 25, 2002 


In a VCT system having a feedback loop for controlling a phaser angular relationship, a control law disposed to receive a plurality of set point values and a plurality of feed back values is provided to include: a computation block for receiving the plurality of set point values as inputs, the computation block outputting a first output and a second output; a first summer for summing the first output and the plurality of feed back values to produce a first sum (e.sub.0); a phase integrator and a phase compensator receiving the first sum (e.sub.0) and derivatives (e.sub.1) thereof outputting a processed value (e.sub.2); a amplifier amplifying the second output by a predetermined scale (K.sub.ff); and e) a second summer for summing the processed value (e.sub.2) and the amplified second output to produce a second sum (e.sub.3).

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