Inventors: Takeda; Hiroyuki (Nabari, JP); Tsuruta; Shinji (Nabari, JP); Mitsuhashi; Hiroyoshi (Nabari, JP); Kojima; Sadao (Wako, JP); Terao; Akira (Wako, JP); Nakamura; Kensuke (Wako, JP); Maeda; Hajime (Wako, JP); Yamada; Masashi (Wako, JP)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

Blade tensioner and system for a chain

Patent No. 6,808,467

Issued: October 26, 2004
Filed: May 17, 2002


A blade tensioner of a blade tensioner system for a chain that drivingly connects a drive shaft to a driving shaft in an engine, that improves the chain-damping efficiency in a blade tensioner applied to the chain within an engine, prevents the sideways tilt of the blade tensioner during operation, in a blade tensioner applied to the chain in an engine, and provides a blade tensioner with a functionality that allows it to transversely guide a chain along the chain sliding face in a blade shoe, while maintaining the flexural deformability (i.e., the flexibility) of the blade shoe.

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