Seat of vehicle 

Patent No. 6,776,384

Issued: August 17, 2004
Filed: November 12, 2002

Inventor: Igarashi; Yasunori (Kiryu, JP)
Assignee:Shigeru Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)

A seat of a vehicle comprises an upper and a lower frame 10, 20 and a first and a second link 31, 32 of an X-shape disposed therebetween. A front end portion (one end portion) of a suspension spring 40 is locked to the lower frame 20, and a rear portion (the other end portion) of this spring 40 is locked to a slide member 50. An inclination cam face 52a of this slide member 50 is in abutment with an abutment projection 35 (abutment member) disposed at the first link 31. By this, vibration absorbing capability of the suspension spring can sufficiently be obtained even if the distance between the upper frame and the lower frame is reduced.

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