Method and apparatus for buttress stabilization 

Patent No. 6,772,984

Issued: August 10, 2004
Filed: October 18, 2001

Inventor: Pasto; Cris E. (P.O. Box 700, Spencer, NY 14883)

A method for stabilizing a roof-resting vehicle includes the steps of leaning one or more, buttress stands against a rear fender of the vehicle, passing a chain under a rear end of the vehicle from one of the buttress stands to another, tightening the slack from the chain by pulling the chain-grab end fittings towards the fenders at the vehicle undercarriage, using a ratchet strap, restraining the chain from sliding of the rear end of the vehicle by attaching a ratchet strap to the chain near a trunk lid of the vehicle, and passing the chain up to the vehicle undercarriage in front of a wheel assembly of the vehicle, attaching a ratchet strap at a base of the one or more buttress stands and tightening, and placing wedges in front of the opposite end of the vehicle.

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