Hydraulic tensioner

Patent No. 6,767,302

Issued: July 27, 2004
Filed: December 9, 2002
Based on Japanese application filed December 14, 2001

Inventor: Seungpyo; Shin (Nabari, JP)

Assignee:BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

A hydraulic tensioner that decreases the number of components, secures an adequate backlash, and prevents backward movement of a plunger. The hydraulic tensioner includes a hollow plunger having rack teeth formed on a portion of an outer circumferential surface, slidably received in a bore of the housing, where the plunger has an inner space to form a fluid chamber with the bore. A slider housing portion, having an inclined surface, located in the housing, receives a wedge-shaped slider having a ratchet portion adapted to engage with the rack teeth of the plunger and a second side surface. The wedge-shaped slider being slidable along the inclined surface of the slider housing portion in a direction crossing an axial centerline of the plunger. The hydraulic tensioner further includes a first spring biasing the plunger in a protruding direction, and a second spring biasing the slider such that the slider moves along the inclined slide surface of the slider housing portion. A "wedge-effect" prevents the plunger from moving backwards.

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