Glass homogenizing pump

Patent No. 6,763,684

Issued: July 20, 2004
Filed: August 30, 2001

Inventor: Pitbladdo; Richard B. (411 W. Lake Rd., Hammondsport, NY 14840)

A molten glass pump preferably includes one or more pumps which form either a single-stage apparatus or are combined in series to form a multi-stage apparatus. The exact configuration depends on the required process pressure and the required degree of glass homogenization. Examples of the invention include an auger pump and a mixing auger pump which have varying degrees of mixing action, as well as a homogenizing pump which provides some pumping action but is primarily a homogenizer. All three pumps preferably include a centerline flow recirculation feature which remixes inhomogeneous glass into the incoming glass stream. A counter-rotating sleeve, which straightens the glass flow exiting the apparatus and provides an additional flow recirculation path, is also preferably included.

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