Precision cutter for elastomeric cable

Patent No. 6,742,426

Issued: June 1, 2004
Filed: June 1, 2001

Inventors: Cote; Douglas E. (Homer, NY); Li; Che-yu (Roslyn, NY)
Assignee: High Connection Density, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)

A method for cutting an elastomer cable into ultra-precise, defect-free segments of consistent length, and an apparatus to perform the same. The invented apparatus comprises cable advancement, cable clamping and cable shearing systems. The cable advancement system comprises rollers with a groove substantially matching the diameter of the cable. The cable clamping system comprises a pair of dies with a preferably conical feed hole and a clamping hole substantially matching the diameter of the cable. The cable shearing system comprises a preferably extra keen coated cryo treated movable razor blade that is held at an adjustable angle against the face of the clamping dies and slides in a linear path at a low sawing angle. In one embodiment, a second razor blade for nicking the cable prior to shearing--on substantially the opposite side of the cable from where shearing begins--is used to prevent tears in cable slices. The invented apparatus can be manually operated, or it can be motorized.

The wire segments created by the invention are useful in the "Wire segment based interposer for high frequency electrical connection" in US Patent 6,264,476

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