White wax and method of manufacture

Patent No. 6,680,393 

Issued: January 20, 2004
Filed: July 9, 2002

Inventor: Chen; Tsai-Kui (1E, No. 26, Zhili Rd., Tamsui City, Taipei, TW)

This invention relates to a kind of white wax and its manufacturing method, particularly the white wax extracted from animal fat and sebum as a nontoxic, non-hazardous product of superb moistening that enhances skin's elasticity while keeping skin from cracking. The white wax in reference is made of animal fat and sebum, duly crushed after pre-treatment of high-temperature sterilization and deodorization and removal of impurities, allowing the fat and sebum to mix. The mixed raw material is heated after undergoing rapid refrigeration before being minced into sticky colloid when cooled and when squeezed and screened, the sticky discharges gummy matter which, when mixed and neutralized with emulsifying agent, allowing the gummy matter transform from greasy substance into watery white wax. 

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