Segmented lattice rack to store fuels coming from nuclear reactors

Patent No. 6,674,827

Issued: January 6, 2004
Filed: May 29, 2002

Inventors: de la Pena; Luis Costa; Albillos; Javier Tovar (all from Maliano-Cantabria, Spain)
Assignee: Equipos Nucleares S.A. (Cantabria, Spain)

A segmented lattice rack to store fuels coming from nuclear reactors, whose walls are made of plates joined orthogonally forming a mesh defining multiple cell cavities which are longitudinally coupled forming a sandwich comprising a central part coinciding with the active part of the stored element, being from a material obtained from neutronic poisons, preferably boron treated steel; whilst the end areas coinciding with the non-active part of the stored radioactive element are of normal stainless steel, joined to each other and with the adjacent components by means of welding or pretensioning.

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