Striker trigger mechanism for automatic and semi-automatic firearms 

Patent No. 6,665,973

Issued: December 23, 2003
Filed: March 27, 2002
PCT Filed: September 27, 1999
PCT NO: PCT/BG99/00018
PCT PUB.NO.: WO01/23824

Inventor: Peev; Vladimir Georgiev ("Petko Todorov" blvd., building 7, entrance "V", apartment 53, 1408 Sofia, Bulgaria)

The mechanism is applicable in military manufacture and is designed to be built in automatic and semi-automatic firearms of the kinds: pistols, machine guns and submachine guns. This mechanism is with simple construction and ensures enhanced over travel security for weapons, no safety, allowing for no accidental shooting to take place. The striker-trigger mechanism consists of a striker mechanism, a trigger mechanism and a fire-selecting mechanism integrated via a rear block (30). The fire selecting mechanism takes the form of a fire select (29). placed behind the breach block (34) with an extractor, and an internal step-like channel (7) centrally located, containing a firing pin (1) with enlargements at both ends, front and rear one respectively. The firing pin (1) has profile tooth (2) protruding outside the breach block (34) meant to engage with the trigger mechanism through a trigger (15) equipped with a return spring (18) and joint-lined to the frame (35). The trigger (15) connects with a profile one-arm lever, made as trigger bar (10) pushed to the breach block (34) by spring (19). The trigger bar (10) has an upper lug surface (11) and a firing tooth (12) to link with the striking mechanism. Between the two enlargements two axially movable spring cups (3 and 5) are separated by the volute firing pin spring (4) coiled around the firing pin (1).

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