Creeper with an elevated platform 

Patent No. 6,641,146

Issued: November 4, 2003
Filed: November 26, 2001

Inventor: Reese; Roger R. (7904 Weedsport/Sennett Rd., Weedsport, NY 13166)

A creeper has a base originally used for an engine hoist. The base has wheels for easy mobility. The base in its original form may look like an A-shape when viewed from above. Alternatively, the base is modified to accommodate a tilt front end vehicle like a tractor trailer truck. The height adjuster is an extendable/retractable device such as a hydraulic cylinder. A support beam connects the base to a platform. A vertical arm support, which is preferably metal, keeps the height adjuster in proper alignment for the range of movement of the platform. The platform has a frame. Although the frame can be any number of pieces, it is two pieces in this embodiment. The two pieces include a body section and a chest board section connected by a pivot plate. The entire platform can be folded down for easy storage. Each section is preferably padded with a body pad and a chest pad, respectively. There are preferably three platform pivot points: a first pivot point which attaches the platform to the support beam, a second pivot point where the height adjuster is mounted, and a third pivot point between the chest board and the body board.

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