Electrically decoupled silicon gyroscope 

Patent No. 6,626,039

Issued: September 30, 2003
Filed: September 13, 2000

Inventors: Adams; Scott G. (Ithaca, NY); Groves; James (Endicott, NY); Cardarelli; Donato (Medfield, MA); Carroll; Raymond (Boxford, MA); Dauwalter; Charles R. (Newton Highlands, MA)
Assignee: Kionix, Inc. (Ithaca NY) and MilliSensor Systems and Actuators, Inc. (West Newton, MA)

An oscillatory gyroscope is described with decoupled drive and sense oscillators and reduced cross-axis sensitivity. The gyroscope is fabricated using a plasma micromachining process on standard silicon wafers. The electrical isolation of the drive and sense functions of the gyroscope, contained within the same micromechanical element, reduce cross-coupling while obtaining high inertial mass and high sensitivity.

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