CVT chain-belt having wear pads extending from wear links wherein pads are positioned at or between joint/pin ends

Patent No. 6,592,483

Issued: July 15, 2003
Filed: May 15, 2001

Inventor: George L. Markley  (Montour Falls, NY)
Assignee: BorgWarner Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI)

A chain-belt for a CVT having a plurality of links, each link comprising a plurality of parallel tensile link plates, each link plate having connection apertures located substantially towards the ends thereof, each link being connected to an adjacent link by a pin having two ends passing through overlapping connection apertures in adjacent link plates. Wear pads are positioned on said outer link plates. A bushing, at least as long as the thickness of the tensile link plates, coaxially surrounds the chain's pins, passing through oversized holes in the link plates. Compressive force is transmitted between the wear pads by the bushing, so that the compressive force exerted by the sheaves does not deform the pin or squeeze the link plates together. The wear pads are centered on the centerline of the chain, and taper to match the taper of the pulley sheaves. The wear pads are also designed so the centerline of the wear pads intersects the center axis of the pulley when the chain is in use.

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