Method of making a high gasoline permeation resistant plastic container 

Patent No. 6,576,181

Issued: June 10, 2003
Filed: November 27, 2000

Inventors: Yeh; Jen-Taut (Taipei, TW) 

Assignee: Chinese Petroleum Corp. (Taipei, TW) 

A process for producing a high gasoline permeation resistant plastic blend container, comprising preparing a modified polyamide by modifying polyamide with a compatibilizer precursor and then laminar blend blow-molding using a cheap conventional blow-molding machine from a composition of a polyolefin incorporated with a modified polyamide (MPA) into a bottle. The invention relates further to a high gasoline permeation resistant container obtained according to the above-described process, characterized in that it consists of a MPA laminar structure within a HDPE matrix, and has a gasoline permeation resistance of less than 5 vol. % of the total gasoline content thereof after storage at C. for one year.

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