Pallet for shrinkwrapped packaging of block rubber 

Patent No. 6,510,801

Issued:January 28, 2003
Filed: June 1, 2001

Inventors: Tan; Hong Sin -Blk 328 Yishun Ring Road, #11-1368, Singapore 760328

A pallet includes a plurality of hinges having a flip member which is easily rotated by hand between a first unextended position and a second extended position. When the flip member is flipped into the unextended position, it uncovers a cavity a pallet leg creates. Nesting of an empty pallet is possible when the flip members are in this position. Bar members preferably serve as a guide and glide the receiving pallet to slide in position during the nesting process. The pallet is stackable when the flip members are flipped into an extended position, covering up the leg cavities. Each of the hinges acts as a foot to support members of the receiving pallet. The pallet platform is preferably made of a sheet of metal. An angular bar member is preferably attached to the rectangular framework and serves as a border for the pallet. Holes are preferably found within the angular bar member. These holes allow manual lifting of the pallet using hooks. Rings at the base of the rectangular framework preferably allow rubber blocks to be strapped across the pallet from both sides. The whole pallet is preferably galvanized for use in packaging rubber blocks.

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