Separation of tars, oils and inorganic constituents from oil bearing sands or shales

Patent No. 6,464,856
PCT Publication: WO00/22067

Issued: October 15, 2002
Filed: August 22, 2000
PCT Filed: August 31, 1999
Foreign Application Priority Data
Oct 13, 1998[CA] 2249110
Jul 13, 1999[CA] 2276944

Inventor: Di Tullio; Venanzio (Perth, CA)
Assignee: Deinking/ Solvent Extraction Technologies (Perth, Ontario, Canada)

An improved process for the total separation and recovery of four constituents, namely, 1) insoluble pitches and tars also known as asphaltenes, 2) a kerosene based oil fraction, 3) clays and silts of less than 80 .mu.m mesh and 4) sands of greater than 80 .mu.m mesh. Recombination of the hydrocarbon fractions is the bitumen portion of tar sands. A further process for the extraction and separation of plant resins from cellulose and kerogen from oil shale that on thermal depolymerization become a source for aromatic and kerosene based oil fractions respectively.

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