Endodontic appliance which stops instruments from extending too far into a root canal during treatment

Patent No. 6,390,814 

Issued: May 21, 2002 
Filed: August 18, 2000

Inventor:  Vernon Gardiner;  90 Barnett Street, Montego-Bay, Jamaica

The appliance of the present invention works effectively during root canal treatment by being firmly attached to the tooth to be treated and having a fixed platform from which the file can have a fixed working length. The appliance has three functional parts: (1) an attachment section that is held against the tooth by a matrix retainer and band, (2) a resting section that rests against the occlusal or top of the crown of the tooth, and (3) a guide section with a hole that pivots or is fixed over the tooth. The appliance is preferably attached to the tooth by any tofflemiere type matrix holder and band. Once the working or desired length of the file is obtained, then it is placed into the guide section of the appliance which is stationary in one plane. Therefore, the file cannot extend further than the desired length into the canal. This appliance provides an effective stop for the file while it is being used. 

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