Nesting stacking crate 

Patent No. 6,386,365 

Issued: May 14, 2002

Inventor:  Hong Sin Tan;  Blk 328 Yishun Ring Road, #11-1368, Singapore 760328

A nesting stacking crate comprises a base member and upwardly outwardly flaring collapsible side walls and end walls, as well as semi-hexagonal corner members, all terminating at the top in a top rim. Attached to the top end of each hexagonal corner member is a stacking-support member consisting of a support housing, preferably shaped substantially like a capital H, and a support blade hingedly connected thereto which flips about the crossbar of the H, between a nesting condition and a stacking condition. In the nesting condition, the blades are rotated outwardly downwardly and lie extrinsic to the interior of the crate, thus allowing another like crate to be nested inside. In the stacking condition they are rotated inwardly horizontally pointing generally diagonally towards the opposite corner of the crate. In that condition the support blades provide a support base for another like crate to be stacked on top for transportation and storage of goods. In such condition the hexagonal corners absorb the weight of the stacked crate, the corners being stronger than conventional half-square corners. Preferably, the base has, attached to its lower surface, hollow feet adapted to receive the blades of a forklift truck, and such feet have indentations adapted to receive the support blades of a crate beneath when the latter is in the stacking condition. 

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