X-ray lens and method of manufacturing X-ray lens 

Patent No. 6,385,291

Issued: May 7, 2002 
Filed: December 18, 2000

Inventor:  Tomohide Takami  (Tokyo, Japan) 

Assignee:  Vision Arts Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) 

A method of manufacturing X-ray lenses which transmit X-rays which has a first step of providing a layer of liquid on the flat surface of a first substrate, a second step of arranging numerous pipe-shaped lens components in a row following an axis which extends parallel to the flat surface in the layer of liquid, and a third step of holding the pipe-shaped lens components between the surface of a second substrate having a flat surface and the flat surface of the first substrate, and filling the liquid in spaces formed by the exterior surface of the pipe-shaped lens components and the flat surface of the first substrate or the flat surface of the second substrate. The pipe-shaped lens components can be carbon nanotubes, and the liquid can be a mixture of a solvent and a lubricant such as silicon grease which has had its viscosity reduced. 

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