Vertical shaft blower on trailer  

Patent No. 6,364,628 

Issued: April 2, 2002 

Inventor:  Potts; David (385 Roast Meat Hill Rd., Killingsworth, CT 06419); Giroux; Jerry (100 Old Amherst Rd., Belchertown, MA 01007) 

An apparatus mounted on a trailer is used to connect to an underground pipe array such as is installed under a golf course. The apparatus includes a vertical shaft blower unit with an impeller rotating in a horizontal plane. An engine mounted on the blower unit has a vertical engine shaft connected to the vertical shaft of the blower unit. An inlet duct of the blower unit is located below a discharge duct of the blower unit. The inlet duct and discharge duct are oriented in the same direction, and when the engine is a gasoline engine having an exhaust muffler, the exhaust muffler is oriented in the same direction as the inlet and discharge ducts. Since all the noise discharge points of the apparatus are pointed in the same direction, the trailer can be turned so that the noise generated during operation of the apparatus is directed away from players on the golf course. A water separator is preferably connected between the inlet duct and the impeller. In addition, a frame is connected to either the blower unit or the trailer for
easy stowage of the flexible hose used to connect the blower unit to the underground pipe array. 

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