Encasement and Transducer Shuttle Assembly for Removable Implanted Device

Patent No. 6,346,080

Issued: February 12, 2002

Inventor: Steven R. Wedan and Rebecca M. Johnson, Chassel, MI

Assignee: Transonic Systems, Inc., Ithaca, NY

After certain medical conditions have occurred or certain medical procedures have been performed, it is often desirable to monitor blood flow through various veins or arteries, especially those in close proximity to the heart. For example, monitoring the flow of blood out of a patient's aorta immediately following heart surgery can provide doctors with very valuable information. 

The invention is an implantable and extractable sensor, used for monitoring blood flow and vessel characteristics within a patient. The sensor includes a structurally supportive shuttle that has an angularly offset shelf. A transducer is mounted to this shelf and offset at the same angle so as to utilizes the Doppler effect. Silicone is injection molded around the assembly to provide a housing having a plurality of cutouts that expose portions of release wires running through the housing. The sensor is attached to the vessel by suturing around the exposed portions of the release wires. When the wires are retracted, the sensor can be extracted from the patient without having to reopen the surgical wound. The shuttle provides a consistent location to mount a transducer and also provides the structural support for the silicone housing. 

For more information on Transonic hemodialysis analysis and monitoring apparatus and methods, see their website at: http://www.transonic.com/Hemodialysis_Home/hemodialysis_home.html

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