Selective Etching of Thin Films

Patent No. 6,306,313

Issued: October 23, 2001

Inventors: Fetter; Linus Albert (Morganville, NJ); Pastalan; John Z. (Hampton, NJ) 
Assignee: Agere Systems Guardian Corp. (Allentown, PA) 

The invention removes a portion(s) of a material of interest, while leaving an adjacent or underlying electrode(s) intact. The material is exposed to a plasma containing at least two-halogen-containing gases. At least a portion of the material, for example a piezoelectric material, an oxygen-containing material, or a nitrogen-containing material, is etched by the plasma. By removing desired portions of this material, the device can have alternative or complex architecture. In addition, the propagation of shear waves is limited in the device. 

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