Traction Device 

Patent No. 6,302,859

Issued: October 16, 2001

Inventor:  Ralph B. Cushman, 4600 Timberlux Circle, Anchorage AK 99516


The present invention utilizes a user's arm strength opposed by large stretch bands attached to the harness to achieve 100% of the traction force or "pull-weight." The principal components of the device are an anchoring system, such as a frame, and a harness, which are used simultaneously as part of a single system. The user lies upon a body support atop the frame and uses his/her arm strength to slide forward by pulling with his/her hands against a harness fastened around the user's waist. The user accomplishes the sliding forward by pulling on handles attached to the top of the frame, while the harness is attached to the bottom of the frame. 

The effect is distraction of the lower spine. The unique mode of action of the device utilizes the user's own arm strength to achieve a completely variable traction force. The user is in complete control of the amount of traction force to be delivered at all times without any dependence upon electricity to generate force. It provides instantly variable traction force over a wide range of pull-weights, even into the higher weight ranges. 

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