Wire segment based interposer for high frequency electrical connection  

Patent No. 6,264,476

Issued: July 24, 2001

Inventor:  Che-yu Li; Matti Kohornenl Wei-min Shi, Ithaca, NY

Assignee:  High Connection Density, Inc., Ithaca, NY 14850

An interposer for a land grid array includes a dielectric grid having an array of holes and a resilient, conductive button disposed in one or more of the holes. The button includes an insulating core, a conducting element wound around the insulating core, and an outer shell surrounding the conducting element.

The characteristics of the conducting element and the buttons may be chosen such that the contact force and resistance, and compressibility or relaxability of the conductive buttons can be selected within wide limits. Contact areas between the shell and the conducting element urge a substantially corresponding displacement in both
the conducting element and the shell when the button is under compression or relaxation. 

The interposer alternatively can include an insulating sheet and rather than conductive buttons contain conducting elements disposed therein having contact areas with the block. The interposer when positioned between a land grid array and an electrical circuit component can accommodate relatively large nonplanarity between respective mating surfaces of the two interconnected components while establishing and maintaining contact between each conducting element and the opposing contact pads of each component. 

A high local contact force is produced at each end of the conducting element against an opposing electrical contact or contact pad of a circuit device to establish a good electrical connection with the interposer which thus electrically interconnects the land grid
array and the circuit component. 

The new interposer design is eminently amenable to high frequency and high current applications.

High Connection Density has also patented a "Precision Cutter for Elastomeric Cable" which can be used to create buttons useful in this invention - see US Patent 6,742,426

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