Aquatic habit extension device

Patent No. 6,039,005

Issued: March 21, 2000

Inventor: Charles E. Themar, 340 Pebble Knoll, Highland Village, TX 75067

 An aquatic habitat extension device uses a circulation assembly to reversibly maintain a volume of water above the surface of an underlying body of water. The aquatic extension can be used alone or with other similar aquatic habitat extensions that themselves can be varied in terms of size, shape, and the degree to which they are filled with water. 

Each habitat extension has a water inlet located beneath the surface of a body of water, which preserves the partial vacuum in the aquatic extension, and provides an entryway for aquatic animals to enter the transparent habitat extension where they are observed. To increase the occasions when fish or other aquatic animals enter a given habitat, a food delivery system delivers food to an air pocket trapped in the upper portion of an individual extension. 

Illuminating or tinting the habitats enhances the beauty of an aquarium, pond, water garden, or other body of water and can be accomplished through the use of a fiber optic cable system or more conventional means.

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