Field effect auxiliary gas cyclone (FEAGC) and method of using

Patent No. 6,017,381

Issued: January 25, 2000

Inventor: John P. Dunn, Hammondsport, NY and Henri DeMoras, Rochester, NY

Assignee: Advanced Electrostatic Technologies, Penn Yan, NY

Collection of particles from a gas stream and the separation of dissimilar particles from a gas stream by a field effect auxiliary gas cyclone (FEAGC) is enhanced by providing an inductive field that attracts or repels particles and an auxiliary gas system that complements the field effect by providing an additional independent internal control for particle velocity, particle concentration, and system delta p. 

The FEAGC has three adjustable operating variables: (1) an auxiliary high pressure air input orifice located in the cyclone input which is used to increase the product velocity while reducing the solids to gas ratio; (2) an electric field between the cone and the vortex that subjects charged particles to either an attractive or repelling field; and (3) an auxiliary air venturi located in the inlet of the vortex to control the delta p and to control the operating temperature of the vortex and insulating materials. 

Controlling these variables is done by optically monitoring changes in the particle concentration at the exit end of the vortex outlet and automatically adjusting the auxiliary air inlets and the high voltage. The FEAGC is effective for separating particles that average less than 5 microns in diameter.

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