Thermochromic ink formulations, nail lacquer and methods of use

Patent No. 5,997,849
Issued: December 7, 1999

Patent No. 6,139,779
Issued: October 31, 2000

Inventor: Lyle D. Small, Colorado Springs, CO; Gerald Highberger, Linden NJ

Assignee: Chromatic Technologies, Inc., 4320 Northpark Drive, Suite B, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

 A method of making a solvent based ink formulation which includes a thermochromic pigment, wherein the pigment being formed of microcapsules, includes drying a slurry that contains the pigment to a solids concentration between 80% and 95%, mixing the dried slurry in an appropriate mixing base, and adding any desired ink components to the base formulation. Each microcapsule contains a reversible thermochromic coloring material which exhibits a visible change in color between a first color state and a second color state in response to a change in temperature. Acceptable ink components include a gel vehicle, a free flow vehicle, a drying agent, a lithographic varnish, an ink wax, a polyester vehicle, a polyglycol solvent, a colloidal dispersion resin, water, and a defoamer.

See also patent no. 5,591,255 for another thermochromic patent from CTI.

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